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Cloud Strategy & Adoption

A well-defined strategy is essential for any Cloud Adoption rate as it is advancing at an accelerated pace.

Cloud Migration

Scalability, robust computing and high-performance are the factors that accompany Cloud Migration.

Cloud Management

Utilizing experts to manage your cloud capabilities for optimizing time and cost and thereby empowering your business.

Cloud Backup

Cloud backup services enable easy scalability, better security, smooth disaster recovery and major cost saving.

Cloud DR as a Service

DRaaS enables fast and secure disaster recovery at an affordable cost with consistent user experience.

Cloud Cost Optimization

An optimized cloud provides you with the precise resources you require and ensuring that resources are rightly utilized.

Public Cloud - Azure Management

Public Clouds like Azure are infinitely scalable, yet accurate implementation is required for securing it.

Digital Ocean Cloud Management

Managed Digital Ocean Cloud enables companies to build & manage their resources more collaboratively & efficiently.

Public Cloud - AWS Management

A direct, secure and unified strategy to Ongoing Management, Support and compliance of AWS

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Cloud Strategy & Adoption

A strategic approach is required to ensure that the cloud adoption yields the best results. Identify what you want to achieve with Cloud. Identify the current baseline and define your goals to achieve. This will help you determine the success of your cloud migration.

Evaluate what to Migrate

Identify what needs to be migrated to ensure the smooth transition of your successful operation.

Identify the Right Cloud Provider

Making sure you pick the right cloud provider has become a major success criteria in cloud migration.

Create Data Migration Plan

Plan your cloud migration to ensure you are on the right track. Create baselines before you transition to the cloud.

Execute your Cloud Migration Plan

A excellent strategy can assist you in a successful, secure, compliant and stable deployment.

Public Cloud Management

With Public Cloud management starts the process of managing the administrative functions of cloud computing products and services. We need to combine the usage of various software products and technologies in order to provide seamless integration of strategy and process.

AWS Cloud Management

We assist organizations adopting the Amazon Web Services Cloud Management to gain economic benefits by reducing their infrastructure.

Google Cloud Platform

Our experience in managing the cloud and our result-oriented strategy enables you to make the most of your Google Cloud Platform.

Azure Cloud Management

Microsoft Azure provides the best capabilities for cloud computing but requires expertise and strategic analysis, which we can help you with. 

Rack Space Managed Cloud

Our teams of experts can take care of your Rackspace cloud management for a better cost and flexibility while you focus on your business.


Happy Customers

“We had awesome experience with the Duture/ValueMentor team in building our web and mobile applications. They were faster and the code quality was impressive” Arthur, Founder, Afamia Tourism

“Angela & Team, it was great show you have put together in migrating our CRM to Zoho. The custom development to meet our business processes were brilliant. With your help we have automated most of our sale force activities automated. Thank you”

General Manager, A leading Oil & Gas trading company in Dubai

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